It is a pleasure for us to announce that we are going to organize 3rd International Water and Health Congress November 2019. The congress will be organized in the same way of 1st congress, in cooperation with Ministry of Health, Karadeniz Technical University, Istanbul University and ILBANK.

As it is known, our congresses firstly adopt the theme of “everything about water”. Considering each and every aspect of water and health, Water and Health Congress was supported by many institutions, establishments and non-governmental organizations from our country and abroad since 1st Water and Health Congress because water is one of the most important natural resources for life.

Although water covers ¾ of the earth, water capacity to be used for human consumption is below than existing of 1%. Growing world population, urbanization, industrialization and agricultural activities cause to decrease of water resources and on the other hand, it causes pollution. Climate change, which is one of the important agenda problems in currently, has adverse impact on water resources as well.

Absence, shortage and quality of water directly or indirectly cause results which affects human health. Besides water management is a responsibility field that requires work with multi-sectoral approach in cooperation with many public or private sector/institution/establishment. Given the fact that the theme “everything about water”, the target group of participants is comprised of “everyone working for water” in terms of science and service. In the target group of the participants, firstly, academics who work in the field of health and medicine and all academics who work for water science and engineering, environmental engineering, chemistry, biology, hydroclimatology and agriculture, municipalities, provincial private administrations, producers and industrialists of bottled water and producers and dealers of aquacultural products, swimming pool and hot spring operators, monitoring water quality and producers and dealers of water disinfection products and non-governmental organizations.

Our congress is a sample organization, which takes place emphasizing on water-human-health relations with a multi stakeholders approach in geography of our country.

Competitions, exhibitions and congress forest organized in the scope of the congress are very nice examples for social responsibility works.

We would like to carry out 3rd International Water and Health Congress with the understanding of rich scientific content and social responsibility and with the participations and contributions of you. We would like to invite everyone who works for water in terms of science and service to talk about everything about water.